One item, two numbers (AX 2012)

Hi All,

I have one item but i have to link two numbers, one internal number (used in my company) and one number of the supplier, both specific for this item (My company and our supplier use different numbers for the same item).

In AX 2012 you have an item and product number. I don’t work with product masters so in my situation: one item is one product.

I thougt for the internal number, i’ll use ‘item number’ because it’s this number AX always displays in the system and on documents. And I’ll use ‘product number’ for the number of the supplier.

But when i create a PO, it’s the item number that will be used but the supplier wants HIS number on the PO…

Someone an idea how to solve this?



Something flashed in my mind whch may work.

from product details> click translations> set the text as “Item number-Vendor”. For sure, this flows on to your PO line.

Just check the PO>Confirmation print will display this text rather than your item number. I guess it works. Please let me know if it works or not. I may help you.

Santosh -

Hi Frederik,

Try this:

  1. Select the item that required second description. On the Purchase tab, there is a button called External item description. Do the necessary setup for vendor and external item code in Overview and Description tab.

  2. Go to procurement and sourcing, Setup, Forms, Forms setup. In the field Item number in forms, select both.

Hope this helps.


Thanks a lot, Pranav!

It helps!

Hi, I’ve got a good solution from Pranav! Your solution also works!

Pranav’s solution is the right one. Thanks for this pranav [:)]