More than one vendor for one Item

Dear Sir,

In Microsoft Dynamics ax 2009, Where we can maintain More than one Vendor for item.(Now In item details we can setup Only One vendor) By these when we are creaing enquiry system has to suggest these are the vendors for this item.


Hi Shaheed,

Information is item card is basically for default vendor for the item. I don’t think there is any such master in AX whereby you can store vendors for a item.

You may use trade agreement whereby you define purchase prices/discounts for vendor and item combination.


You can maintain multiple vendors for items by using the external item descriptions on the item. From the item details go to setup button > vendor - item description. Here you can create many vendor relations for 1 item.

Prior to AX2012 you could purchase any item from any supplier. The item card is a “default”. You can set trade agreements, but in AX2012 there is the ability (I believe) to setup item and vendor relationships, so is this AX2012? If not the functionality does not exist.