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Dear All,

We have scenario, wherein, we a Vendor who is blacklisted on our records, but, we want to allow a specific Purchase Order to be placed on that Vendor and want to block any other Purchase activities against that Vendor.

Can anybody help me with this?


Michael Brown

After doing that Purchase order, Go to Vendor Details → General Tab → Administration → stopped = All

Hi Kranthi,

Thanks for replying.

The issue we face is, before the Purchase Order is fulfilled, if somebody attempts to create a PO on that Vendor, we want to block that.

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There is no such control available in the system…but why do you want to do that?

There are sime situations when purchase from a Vendor is risky and is done only with special permissions. We want to allow purchsaes against such vendors only on case-to-case basis.

Hi Michael,

If this is the case, you can use Purchase Requisition Functionality and Work Flow for approval and creation of Purchase order (which is a standard feature in AX 2009) for that particular Item and Vendor.


Mayank Bajaj

Can you show me path Work Flow for approval and creation of Purchase order for that particular Item and Vendor conbination.

If the situation is not governed by workflow…

To change vendor hold status in AX 2012, go to Procurement and sourcing → Common → Vendors → Vendors on hold then look for Action Button via Vendor (Tab) → Maintain (Action button group) → On hold (Action button)

Options for Vendor Hold status include:

  • No (No holds)
  • All (Hold on everything)
  • Invoice (Hold on invoices)
  • Payment (Hold on payments)
  • Requisition (Hold on requisitions)

In addition to hold status on the Vendor, it is also possible to manage a hold status on a individual document such as an unposted invoice or payment.

Hi Micheal,

After placing a purchase order with the particular vendor (means after confirming), go to the vendor details and change the on-hold status to ALL for that particular vendor.This will help you to block any other Purchase activities(transactions) against that Vendor.

And according to your another quarry " if somebody attempts to create a PO on that Vendor, we want to block that",

Go to Procurement and sourcing parameters > Check Activate override of settings per vendor parameter.

Now go Procurement and sourcing > All vendors > select the particular vendor > Edit > Purchase order defaults field > Check Override settings, Activate change management and Allow override of settings per purchase order parameters.

Now after this when ever you will do a purchase order with that particular vendor, in the status it will come as draft which needs a confirmation from the head of the purchasing department. In this way you can block in creating a PO on that vendor if somebody wants to create it.