Purchase Order Workflow when submitted is always on Review

Hi All,

I have setup a PO workflow, activate the change management and test some conditions & AX shows no more error.

However, when creating PO, and submitting it, the action left is only yo Recall or show history.

What maybe the setup that I missed?



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In your workflow configuration, who is the approver you used?, seems you are not the approver and thats the reason system gives you the options of “recall” and view history.

Hi Santosh I have same issue, My question is if we want to approve PO What we have to do here?? I create Po and submit it , but for approve I have to change the user as Approve. In our demo Company. how to Approve this. How to change User for Approve this PO How to know which persons are coming under Approve Group. Thanks Ravi

Hi Ravi,

You can approve your PO only when ur name is in the approver list. To make a name in the Approver list, go to the workflow which you have created. In the Workflow click the assignment button. Now select the assignment type as user and click on user tab. Select the name for whom the PO will get approved.

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Parashar Banerjee.

when you said it’s your demo company, hope you have the admin rights. First of all , i believe you have configured your workflow well so that it routes to a user to approve it.

Now, once after submitting PO, click Actions>view history there you will see to which user it is “Assigned to”> click on him, you will see Re-Assign button, click it and assign it to yourself.

So, Now you are the approver, approve it.

Hi Santosh,

Sorry for the late reply. I was not able to test it for a while due to an error (unexpected error occur…).

Anyway, I’m sure that I have set myself as an approver but still, the option left for me now is “View History”. I tested also the above process & the “Reassign” button is disabled also…



i now successfully run the workflow with the help of this blog. http://mustafachohan.blogspot.com/2012/12/ms-dynamics-ax-2012-simple-purchase.html,

fyi, guys :slight_smile:


I was looking this blog and try to create batch group and assign it to

server. but when I went to System admin–> setup—> workflow–> work flow infrastructure configuration wizard

its only showing BatchGroup–“Work flow”. here i have to select newly created Batch group but Batch group

box is deactivated. how to select new batch groups here.




Can you tell me how to setup Approver user in our demo Company Ceu.

In my work flow its showing user is Admin, but its not showing list

of employees so that we can assign Approver to any person.

pls give us steps how to create one Approver user …lets say

I want to create new employee and assign that user as Approver

and he/she will approve… How to create it



The Users that you can assign will be coming from your “users form”. So you can not see the employee which you created.

Go to system administration>users form, Click Import button to see the wizard. get the users from the domain.

Now, go to your workflow and you will see the user, select him as an approver.

Hi Ravi,

Sorry for the late reply. Been a little busy. Have you managed to resolve this?



no its not working…

someone should give full steps how to create this.