How to approve submit workflows(i have configured purch requisition workflow in server to give approve permissions is in my system but i am not understand how to approve it).

Please clarify my doubt?

where i have to approve that approvals

The user will receive a notification whereby they can go to the origin, or AP - Common Forms - Purchase Requisition Details looking for “Assigned to Me” if you are the approver. Click on the Actions button and Approve.

In “Assigned to me” is blank in the purch requisitions.In “My direct reports” is Shown all in all purch requisitions in that status is “submitted”.i am not understand where i assign permissions is wrong ?

would u please tell me the process.

to which user did you assig the approval of the PR that you made? After you created the PR, it will go the user that you assigned as approver.

As Heylin stated it is not assigned to you, you need to login as the user, you also need to ensure it is processed by the workflow and all of the technical and batch server requirements are set. How do I approve a workflow is a completely different question to “My workflow is not working” - do you have a technical back ground, or who actually configured it, it is not straightforward and has a lot of requirements.

I configured workflow in server user is “Admin” in that user have administrator privileges. in that server i configure workflow to assign the Approve permission to my user then i log on to my system(in this Ax Client) to open Purch Requisition in that select “assigned to me” there is no requisition.but i select “my direct report” in the lookup shown all requisition.

Is to set any properties in AOT?

Hi Kishore,

You can also have a look at workflow history.

Basically either your workflow is not technically configured, or your workflow structure is not setup, or the workflow has not been processed, which is really point 1. I would guess in your setup NO workflows are working, so you need to check technically it is setup to work, and then all the configurations and rules are correct - they currently are not.

can anybody please tell me the process?