Purchase order physical value not posted

Hi All

I have created the purchase order return and invoice it. When i generate the Physical inventory report,“on hand” it is not deducted and also the amount is not been transfer from the “physical value (not posted)” to “physical value posted” can u tell me what is the problem.


hi Imran,

it is better first u check in Item details for the particular item onhand, is the transaction is avaialble or not.

if it is not avialabile then it is nt effecting the inventory.

Hi Krishna

Thanks for replying

It is there in the item transaction, and also deducted as the purchase order is of return. And not the financial value is been updated.


And the cost on the return is? What is the voucher transaction when you navigate to teh stock transaction?

i saw in item/transaction/(select the transaction)ledger/physical Voucher, it show me the blank form, data is not there.

If the unit cost of the item is 0 it will create no transaction value.

Unit cost is defined their in the item master. Now how can i resolve this problem of inventory on hand as this is showing the value in the inventory.