Purchase order issue

Hi Experts,

Please help me to resolve this issue.

I’ve seen the purchase order PO000344 invoiced in PO but I cannot see the quantity purchased on-hand and unit also not updated.

I am not able to see purchase order PO000344.

Give a solution please.

Thanks in advance and Thanks,


Can you open the PO in details page and see the inventory transactions related to that PO line?

Hi Kranthi,

Thanks for your quick reply. In inventory transactions there is not purchase order transaction. what should i do?

Thanks in advance and regards,


Hi Kranthi,

I have checked previous purchase order, two purchase order doesn’t have inventory transactions, because there two PO doesn’t have UNIT OF MEASURE.

Maybe this the issue, then how to resolve it?

Does the product receipt and invoice posted anything into ledger? Verify the vouchers.

If nothing is posted, then you may add new PO and process it.