Physical voucher transactions are not updating

Dear All,

I created one production order for 100 qty of ITEM-001, i configured the GL accounts in Item group, item model group and production parameters. After doing the report as finished of the production order, physical voucher transactions are not updated.

“When physical vouchers will be update specific to that production order”. Can any one explain i what cases voucher transactions will be update. If i miss any setup please help me in this regards.

Note: After ending the production order only Financial voucher transactions are updating.

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From my memory, I think you would need to select “physical inventory” check box in item model group. Pls Give it a try

What is your costing method?

How are you posing WIP (Actual or Estimate)?

Then what was the cost as per how you are posting?

What is the status of the order?

Hi Adam,

What is your costing method - FIFO

How are you posing WIP (Actual or Estimate) - Can you explain

Then what was the cost as per how you are posting - Can you explain

What is the status of the order - Report as finished

Generally i am expecting WIP cost is “material consumption + Route consumption”.



Hello Nanjappa,

In your Scenario, you need to go to Production Control → Production Control Parameters, Under Posting enable the check box " Post Picking List in ledger".
Also make sure you have set some price against the item in the picking List.

Jasjyot Singh