Purchase Order line creation very slow

We have a customer on AX2012 RTM who experience regular problems with the speed of creating a new purchase order line. This is just the time take for the system to respond and allow them to enter an item number after pressing the ‘Add line’ button, or Ctrl-N or arrow down to new line. Under normal circumstances this takes less than a second, but every few weeks the performance slows dramatically and it can take 20 seconds or more from when they press the button until they can actually start entering any data.

The only solution seems to be to shut down the AOS, restart SQL Server, then restart the AOS. We think it is something to do with the TempDB database, which is cleared out be restarting SQL. Even though it is not particularly large before restarting SQL, this will usually get things working normally again. However, the last time this happened, restarting SQL did not fix the problem, and I had to backup, delete and restore the AX database in order to get it running smoothly again.

I have tried debugging the line entry, and have found that it is at the point where the system calls the super() method in the insert() method of the PurchLine table that the delay is occurring. Strangely though, if I open the PurchLine table via the AOT, I can create a new line and it responds instantly.

Has anyone experienced anything like this? Is there a way to clear the TempDB database without having to restart SQL and AX?

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We are still having this problem at least once every couple of weeks, despite doing a restart of SQL Server and the AX AOS every morning.

The rest of the system still seems to behave normally. It is just purchase order lines that are really slow.

The users occasionally experience poor performance when viewing and editing projects, and when processing accounts payable invoices, but these problems usually resolve themselves without having to do a restart.

Is anyone else experiencing this sort of thing?



I can’t say I have a solution for you, but we are experiencing the same things in our installations. Things can run smoothly for a while and then editing one PO line can take up to 15-20 minutes! At one stage it helped to disable the antivirus, but it doesn’t feel like a good solution.

The problem only occur for purchase orders. Not for anything else.

You have to do more analysis to understand what’s going on. It’s usually related to database, therefore look for locks, long-running queries etc. at database level.

In some cases, it might also be a problem in code; tracing or analyzing memory dumps can should you where exactly it happens.

There are also specific hotfixes for PO lines in specific instances in AX2012 post RTM.

I am getting a similar issue, Any chance you found a resolution?