Dynamics ax 2009 performance is very slow

Hi all, When we are opening any dynamics ax forms like: sales order details form. realease purchase order details form, it is taking much time and after getting opened if we move cursors from one line to another line, it is getting hanged.

  1. I checked sql server activity monitor, killed all suspending transactions.

  2. I went Administrations->Periodic->sql administration and did indexing for all tables

  3. restart all the servers like: application server, database server, etc, But still our dynamics performance is very slow.

Please need suggestions.

Hi Mirza

Have you tried to recreate all column statistics? You can find a script at this link: http://www.seosoft.dk/2013/08/recreate-columnstatics/

Have you tried to enable logging for long running queries?

Best regards

Soeren Olsen

SeoSoft ApS

You may want to use Dynamics AX Trace Parser to identify what’s wrong - if the problem is a poor customization in active() method or in network latency (just for example), it doesn’t make sense trying to fix indexes in database.

Of course, when you find that the problem is in slow queries, then it’s a good idea to check statistics, index fragmentation and such things.

Hi Soeren,

Above link is very useful. I tried reindexing again and somehow it increases the performance.

Thanks a ton dear.

Hi Martin,

I tried reindexing again and somehow it increases the performance. Can i’ve the link to download the dynamics ax trace parser tool. Is it available on customer source?

Thanks again,

As far as I know, it should be available on CustomerSource. Try the link on Dynamics Ax Performance Team Blog.

Thanks a ton Martin…

Dear mirza mujib,
i followed your steps for some performance issues which mentioned above… am facing some problem after the re indexing… the problem is in journal voucher form if i can the date of one journal line means automatically its updating all the other lines with the same date… please can you help in this scenario…

Hi Ameen,

Compile the form and the tables used in that form and check.