Purchase order invoice issue

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Can anybody give the solution for the below mentioned issu

Issue: the accounting date for the invoice must be in the same fiscal year as the related order, run the purchase order year end process or change the date to the current fiscal year

The above error is coming while posting the purchase invoice.

fiscal year is the same while posting purchase order creation, confirmation, packing slip and invoice

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The reason could be the accounting date of Purchase order and the invoice date may not be in same fiscal year.

Dear Kranthi,

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PO Packing slip already posted with date: 20/08/2015 and trying to post the invoice as on today.

both dates are same fiscal year

Shall we have any another cause for this issue.

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Are you taking about the accounting date on purchase order?

Dear Kranthi

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Both dates means " Packing slip date and Invoice posting date are in same FY.

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Have you checked the accounting date on purchase order header? It should be in a different FY.