Purchase Order Error

Dear All

When i create New Purchase Order system gave the below error, I already Booked & post the Invoice & also generate the Payment & finalize the PO.

Pending or posted invoices exist for purchase order PO-12-0000050. Changing the currency or the vendor is not allowed.

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Hi MS,

Can you briefly explain me what all the steps you have followed for PO creation?

“Pending or posted invoices exist”, means PO might have pending invoiced … Have a look in the Pro-forma invoice > Packing slip or Proforma invoice > Invoice. you may invoice which is incomplete.

Check once.


the particular purchase order may have the pending invoice in it. if you want to check whether pending invoice is there or not goto that particular po>> inquires>> pending invoices. if it is there than first you need to go po>> posting>> invoice>> it may have error with warning delete that invoice and close this form. now go back to posting and invoice it.

Dear Sarathy & Mohan

Thanks for your reply, my problem had been resolved, actually the problem in PO no sequence, I just modify the sequence & PO is working fine.

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Cane you please post here the changes you made i am having the same Issue :frowning: