Purchase Order Invoice Posting Correction


I was trying to post an invoice to a purchase order recently when I came upon the error "Update Quantity is greater than remaining quantity on order".

I investigated this issue and discovered that the last invoice posted on this PO was roughly 47,000 lbs greater than the receiving note it was posted against. This was about as much as I was trying to post so I assume a mistake was made in the last invoice posting on this PO.

My question is: How do I correct the previously posted invoice?

I need to reduce the amount of the previous invoice posting to match the receipt. On a side note, this invoice is “marked” in the open transaction editing portion and I do not know by whom or how to unmark it. I do not know what impact this will have on my question, but I wanted to note it.

I am an Axapta rookie, and any help you could provide would be appreciated.



Cost Accountant

Found a solution to this and wanted to post it. Also wanted to expand upon the problem and include the part that made it so difficult.

First, the receipt and the invoice posting happened in 2014. The raw material has since been consumed. Issuing a credit memo from within the purchase order was not immediately possible due to not having any of this raw material to return on the physical part of the memo.

The fix is this:

  1. Added another line to the purchase order in the amount of the whole PO. Basically just remade the PO within the PO.

  2. Created duplicate receiving notes for all prior receipt posting (this step is why step 1 had to be done). There were unit price issues with all previous posting so I just wanted to repost them all. Parameters (receipt dates, packing slip #'s, etc,) remained the same as the prior receiving notes.

  3. Reposted all of the previously posted invoices against the new receipts, taking care to include proper invoice numbers (with “Corr” added), posting quantities, unit prices, and posting dates. The last one is super important…remember to post in the proper period if you are backdating something.

  4. After step 3 I now have “inventory” in the system (as of 12/31/2014) against which I can create a credit memo for the previously posted invoices.

  5. Created individual credit memos for the incorrectly posted invoices. To do this you go to Functions–>Create Credit Note–>Go to “Quantity Tab” of Credit Memo line in PO–>Enter in the negative quanity amount of the credit memo into the “Receive Now” field–>Got to Postings–>In the Quantity drop down box in the parameters section select “Receive Now”–>Enter Invoice and Posting Date info–>Select OK to post the credit memo

So to summarize, we create space on the PO to add receipts. We need the receipts to add inventory. We need the inventory to post the credit memo. The net effect is to get you back to your original PO amount.

I hope that this helps someone.


James Gosselin