Project "Madeira" - what is it all about?

Dear NAV users,

You may have read the announcements already. Other wise here are a few:

Waldo’s blog:


My own blog:


And here a video from Youtube - still not showing much of the actual program:

The interesting part about project Madeira is that as far as it looks (didn’t dive too deep into it yet), the “engine” is definitely Dynamics NAV. But Microsoft has given it a completely new paint in some areas, modified functionality they called it, when presenting to the partners. They have mostly used “painters” from Fargo, North Dakota, where the development center for Dynamics GP, the previous Great Plains is located. So in some way it may feel more like a GP than a NAV.

And it has also gotten the Dynamics GP community “excited”. They feel that it’s just as much “their” product.


I think it’s kind of exciting too. This announcement is actually much bigger than it first appeared. It will be interesting to follow.

In someway then it’s the re-invention of Microsoft’s project “green”. One of Microsoft’s first initiatives after “creating” Dynamics, was to announce their intentions of creating a single engine, with different “applications” on top.

To me, then it actually looks like that’s exactly what we have now.