God Morgen

Good morning everyone,

I have now followed this group for some time now and really enjoyed the many postings. Thank you.

I am the accounting manager in a company which had NAV 2013 since January. Before that I have been using C5 and Economics. And compared to them NAV is really much more difficult to use. But I’m learning it. Our partner helped us setting up NAV, and although I do not doubt that they knew what they were doing, then I don’t always understand it. I hope you will help me understand.


God morgen Peter,

Thank you for your introduction and welcome to the Dynamics User Group.

Yes NAV might be a bit more complex to learn, than Economics. But I hope that compared to Microsoft Dynamics C5 (a local Danish Microsoft Dynamics program for small companies) that it’s not that bad once you get going. I have assisted several Danish C5 partners getting started with NAV and they have all loved it - at least after some time! Hope you will too.

Welcome to DUG!!!.