All dynamics products will become ONE

Hi Masters,

I heard all Dynamics flavours (NAV, GP, AX, …) will probably become one product in future.

Is it true ? if yes , when can we expect this .

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No is the simple answer to this question.

Back in 2004? Project Green was talked about as bringing all of the ERP offerings under one platofrm and one solution. At Convergence 2005 it was even referenced:

This was killed off in 2008 as a bad idea, merging 4 revenue streams into 1 made no economical sense for the investment involved, and the winners would be the partners charging for the upgrades. This post has some comments about the merge being killed off:

Instead the change of direction is to leave the 4 products as they are but to develop common tool sets and approaches. The role centre technology on SharePoint for example starts to leverage teh power of the Microsoft stack whilst allowing a common approach to the UI of NAV and AX (not sure if they are used in GP and SOL)

Well personally I believe that it is still Microsoft’s long term wish. But I don’t think it is something that will happen “over night” and might take 10 years or so. What I think we will see is that in the mean time the platforms will slowly move into being more and more the same, while the front-ends will remain the different for a long time. Almost the same situation as we see in the car industry. Many different cars with different labels are build basically on the exact same platform. This will be a situation where Microsoft will be able to satisfy many different customers, but only having one technical platform all based upon Microsoft components.

Project Green was stopped, true. But if as we have noticed lately , concept of pages, bringing ATP in AX from NAV. They are moving things but yes as Eric said will take time. But for there ease MS will do it. They said that they are not anymore on Project Green reason when it was introduced Partners whose bread and butter was only one product made hue and cry. So MS thought Ok stall it but continue working on it.

I think so (Just personal opinion).

My personal opinion is we will not see ONE MS branded solution that NAV, AX, GP and SOL all upgrade into, whilst those products stop having individual releases, in the next 10 years. There are many reasons for this, the global differentiation of branding and software market share is one, the work involved and the standardisation of the products is another.

They will, and SHOULD take the best applications of each product and build it into the others, along with the use of common toolsets etc. However I believe there is little likelihood of ONE global ERP solution from MS in the next 10 years. I am happy to be proved wrong though [:D]

Hi “Adam”,

It was not quite what I said. I said I think that we will see a situation where we will have the different brands/applications/localizations, with each their specialties but all using the same “engine”, but that it will take them about 10 years to finalize this common “engine”.

Hi Erik

The question was would we see one product, you replied we would, and in the meantime see platforms becoming the same, then you say there will be one technical platform, so your actual response was not perfectly clear to the actual question, and implied you thought there would be one in my opinion the way the respnse was constructed. I am glad you clarified this.

As for the 10 years, this is presumably from today and not when they bought it 7 years ago!


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Sorry my answer wasn’t clear enough (I just read it again and you’re right).