Problem in logging in Navision database

Hello Experts,

I have Nav 2009sp1 installation and sql server 2008 running on same machine.
Yesterday while trying to make some changes in navigation pane i got an error that i don’t have user rights to do so.I was logged in on nav 2009 sp1 classic client with windows authentication. I was a super user and hence had all rights. I tried to check on database login on nav and by mistake changed the role to super(Navipane).

Now the problem is when i try to login i cannot see anything in object designer. and i only have rights to make changes in navigation pane. Can you please suggest me if there is any way i could correct this mistake and change my role back to super.

Thanks in advance


Try login using Sql server username and Password

Hi amol…

Thanks for the answer.But i tried that and it is not working. It still gives an error.

super(Navipane) is a role for navigation pane only…except this you will have a super user of database…

Thanks mohana for the reply.

But i was the only user.I tried some more changes and now somehow suceeded in opening the database with SQL authentication as suggested by Amol.

Now i am extracting all the changed files from my last backup and will try to restore the fob in new database.

PS. after creating a new account in SQL database with admin rights i successfully opened my database and now i can even reverse back the role of my username in windows authentication.

Thanks both of you for help