Authorization problem nav4.0 SQL option

Using Navision 4.0 with SQL server option ,I create a “Login Windows” user (through Active Directory) giving SUPER Role. I automatically obtain a SQL Server user account for that database inside SQL Server , but when I try to connect to the database from nav4.0 with “Window Authentication” after logging to the network with that user , I receive an error message from SQL Server saying that I have no autorization for the “Object Table”. The only solution I’ve found is to assign manually the “db_owner” role to that user inside SQL Server Enterprise. Is there someone having the same behaviour , and/or is there a different solution (db_owner maybe is too much)?[V]

Have you taken a look at…

Thanks, I’ve found an error in synchronization :“user does not exists in database” and It was the user I’ve used for create database(sysadmin in SQL Server) and inserted as “database login” SUPER in nav4.0. The problem was that in database user account in SQL Server I had Name = dbo and Name Account = user. Creating a new account with Name = Name Account , and inserted this new user as SUPER in Nav , synchronization works fine!

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