SQL error 229 "42000"

I have the nasty SQL error

I was moved up to super user in Nav and then I could no longer navigate a transaction and show the document

e.g. if in a vendor and I highlight a line and hit the navigate button - I get the sql error

what could they have done to change my ability to view

Note: that we just let go the one person that was here for the implimentation and we have the blind leading the blind

I have an etensive background in Sage products (not that helpful) but if any one knows what they could have done

would re-installing Nav /sql on my personal PC help - it seems everyone else can access but since my change to super user I cannot get into certain areas

Hi Kristine,

I would love to know what version of both Navison and SQL that you’re using.

Hi, Deborah, and welcome to forum!

You need two roles assigned to you - SUPER and ALL. Only SUPER wouldn’t be enough. But after that you can remove all other roles (if you don’t have any AddOns or custom (non-standart) objects in your database)

Hi Modris,

Would this also solve the SQL Error?


As far as I know, this error tells that e.g. a SELECT permission on some object was denied.

Deborah, could you please specify which table was affected? Which “Security Model” do you use in NAV (I recommend “Standard”)? Have you “Synchronized” all Users?

Sometimes you need to grant the SELECT & Co. permission manually (probably some bug) in SQL Management Studio:

GRANT ALL ON [affected_table_or_view] TO PUBLIC

Does this help?

I am forwarding information to my nav monitor to see if he can resolve with these instructions

sounds reasonable

Why is that? I have never assigned ALL to a super user, and never had a problem?


Haven’t investigated it myself actually, but so I was taught long ago and took it for granted.

Even the name ALL indicates this role should be assigned to all users… Maybe its not correct…