Problem in existing installation after installing AX for Retail

We have been using AX Financials & PO & Inventory since last one year, recently we purchased AX Retail and installed it.
After installation everything is working fine however, when we open Purchase Order Details & Vendor Details forms we get this error “Not enough rights to use table ‘Common’ (UNKNOWN)”.

If anyone could help in this regard I would be highly grateful.


It may be that not all functionalities are enabled in your system. You can check this by checking Configuration form under Admin > System.

Sorry I don’t have AX in front so provided the path from memory.

I checked the configuration form everything is enabled and still the PO Details & Vendor Details forms are not working. There must be some other setting.

By the Grace of Allah the problem is resolved, actually whever this error comes this means that the some datasource on the form has the table missing in the table’s property, when I put the table in the table’s property the form works fine. I think this problem arised because AX Retail added a few new tables.

Thanks Tariq,

It works for me as well.