"Insufficient rights" while creating Purchase Order AX 2009

Hi all…

I am facing an error “Insufficient rights” while clicking on “Misc. Charges” on Purchase Order Creation Form. Though I have given Full Control permission on

  1. Accounts Receivable → Miscellaneous → Misc. Charges
  2. Basic → Tables → Misc. Charges Transactions

What’s that I have missed ??

Hi Ravi,

In Administration → Setup → Configuration , you need to check the objects that you need…Else it will throw this error…

Hi Enrique,

I have checked this also. “Misc. Charges” under “Trade” is already marked.

However, I gave all table permissions under “Accounts Payable” → “Tables”. Then it worked.


I had the same issue and after lots of trial and error, it turned out to be the VendInvoiceInfoTable “Vendor saved invoices” that was the issue. It requires at least view access on that table. I tried to set no access on all the fields which works in a lot of places, but it brought the error back. I didn’t take the time to research exactly which fields were required but I did remove the bank and payment fields with success.

The AX2009 Security Profiler was no help on this one either. The error message never indicated what security was missing and the security profiler never indicated this table either.


For “Insufficient rights” error, u may check the Record level Security from “Administration”.