AP error accessing PO details

INFOLOG://1376 >>Not enough rights to use table ‘Sum lines’ (FSHSumLines).
the user is admin and have all rights. how can I solve this issue.

is there a way to check those inflog. thanks

Is it a custamized table???

The may be due to the Configuration Keys…

Even you are an admin-if the configuration keys are not enabled the system will not allow u to access those objects…

There are no customization and all keys are enabled. do you think it is a lisence issue?

By doing what - you are getting this error…

can you put - the total error message once again???

INFOLOG://1376 >>Not enough rights to use table ‘Sum lines’ (FSHSumLines)

The question required you to tell us the process steps you are undertaking in the system, copying and pasting the original issue as a response does not really help anyone.


I tried to access the PO details and I get this message. Also note that all keys are full control. and the user is the admin. So I was wondering why and how to solve this issue?

there is no object - FSHSumLines

Check whether there are any customizations???

‘FSH’ prefix indicates presence of an Ax add-on. Unfortunately I don’t remember name of this add-on.

Thanks Harish

It would be helpful if your are able to recollect and tell us about the Add-on…

There is no customization. This is a fresh AX 2009 for retail and Imported a demo DB on it.

In that case, cube is trying to consume a non existent table in your environment. You should be able to clean your cubes by following guidelines published here - http://blogs.msdn.com/b/emeadaxsupport/archive/2009/04/29/default-cube-advisor-tool-for-microsoft-dynamics-ax-2009-has-been-released.aspx

It is an add-on not a customisation - is it a Retail add-on? Is the demo data a retail based demo?

It is definitely an add-on. The way to go forward would be to follow steps in the link I provided earlier. This will help in cleaning cubes and get it working