Printing purchase order

Hi everyone I’m very, very new to Navision, so please excuse me if I’m asking the obvious. When creating a new user who has to create purchase orders, then print them, the latter function - printing - is giving me some problems. I keep getting the error, “You do not have read rights to the interaction template setup table”. Try as I might, I can’t find a role for this - perhaps you can point me in the right direction. Many thanks Martyn [Duh!]

If you can’t find a role for that table, you have to make a role and set the right permissions and add the right users to that role. I don’t know how you searched for a role, but I search as follow: Open any role, go to permissions and remove all filters (button ‘Show all’). Put a filter on ‘Object type’ and ‘Object ID’. If no records are shown, you’re sure that there isn’t a role for that object. If records are found, you can see which role it is by using Ctrl + F8 (details).

Many thanks, Tino, I’ll give it a try. MW

Well not sure what this has to do with Microsoft CRM. I think you are confussing Navision Relationship Management ( a granule in Navision) with Microsoft CRM, a completely unrelated product. … Anyway before going any further, check is you have actually purchased the interactions granule. If not then you need to remove the tick box that you set to track interactions for that user. If you DO have the granule, then follow tino’s instructions.