Unable to access contact table

Hello all, Just began trying to learn Navision while administering the server it is connecting to. I am attempting to create a vendor through “Purchasing → Planning → Vendors”. However, when I try and save the record I get this error: “You do not have permission to run contact table”. I am logged on as the admin for the domain that this client pc is connected to. I have checked in Navision that I am a “SUPER” user. I have check in the Microsoft active directory and in the SQL server administration gui that I have full permissions to do anything I want to this database. By the way we are running Nav 5.0, windows server 2003, and sql server 2000. What gives?

Hard to be sure, but it does sound like someone has logged into your live database using a partner license [:@] and created records you dont have access. If so, have you partner come back adn fix it, and make sure they do not charge you for it.

Yes, it’s a typical issue of creating setup tables with partner license.