Print Signatures on AP Checks

Anyone done that in 3.70? Is that just creating a BLOB? What will be the best way to scan - just as BMP? We know there may be other requirements from the customer such as amount limit, who can print signed checks, etc. Are there any requirements or limitations by U.S. Banks to doing that? Thanks, Ed

I created a change like this for a client once. No matter how much I warned them that this was a bad idea, they proceeded anyway. In the end one of the employees ended up with the signature file and was able to create checks outside of Navision that cleared the bank. The change is incredibly simple but there a large risk involved.

There are actually control devices that sit between the printer and the server/workstation that can do this. The ability to apply the signature is controlled through the use of a physical key (usually requires two - sort of like the arming of atomic bombs [we hope]). We’ve seen this deployed in a couple of sites and it seems to work well.