Put a signature file on a check

Does anyone know how to Put a signature file on a check in Navision 5.0? I cannot find this field from 5.0.



I don’t think there is a standard field for this. You could add in a blob field, import a .bmp into it and print on the check report.

Thanks, can you give me more instructions to show me how to do it? I am quite new to the Navision. Thanks!


Adding the field is straightforward with type BLOB - choose a related table e.g. bank or user

import the BMP with

IF Signature.IMPORT(’*.BMP’,TRUE) = ‘’ THEN

On the report get the record and don’t forget to calculate the field otherwise to BMP will not show


bank.calcfields( signature );

If you look at the company infomation table you will see the logo field “picture” and see how it printed on invoices.

Hope this helps.