print report through OPOS

Hi All,

Is it possible to print the Navision reports which ever I create directly through OPOS same as we print normal receipts ( without installing windows driver for the printer)?

ny body … ??

Hi Abdul,

Could you offer a bit more detail about your setup, what you’re trying to accomplish and what specific problems you’re having?

In general, it’s pretty hard to print to a device that the system doesn’t know anything about. By using remote applications and remote desktop it’s possible to queue and spool the print job through a different host, but somewhere along the line one of the machines involved will need to have had the printer drivers installed in order to print.

You can also search around for existing information on the topic. I found this (link and link2) on Mibuso, and there are other sites to check as well.

Hope that helps. Maybe we can be more helpful if you’ll supply a bit more information?

Hi George,

That was correct, and that link contains my requirement, but little confused how to implement it my receipt.

My requirement in detail:

Its nothing but, I have created one report. That report needed to be printed along with the sales receipt that we get after the sale transaction.

Now I created it by testing through windows driver (by printing using EPSON through windows driver, not OPOS driver).

All the test passed and I need this report to be printed along with our normal sale bill/receipt.

And, I need to add the report to the end users, so that they can print it when ever they want, (even without doing transaction by giving the transaction number) through OPOS (not through windows driver).

in short, my receipt need to be printed through OPOS, without installing windows driver.

please advise.


To have your new report print when you Post+Print your sales order, take a look at the Report Selection table. By adding a row to that record, you will be able to specify that Post+Print should print two reports. Making the second report available to users for ad hoc printing, just add a menu item on the Posted Sales Invoice form. You can also add an entry for the report in MenuSuite somewhere.

The “no printer driver installed” bit will take a bit more investigation. There is a table called Printer Selection, and that allows you to specify which printer any given report should print on. I’ve had mixed results with that feature though. It was especially troubling in a Citrix terminal environment. You’ll probably have similar issues using RDP. But in general, having your users connect to Navision through a host system that already has the printer driver installed is the only way I know of that you can print to that printer without installing the driver on the local client.

That’s about all I know on the subject. I hope it’s helpful. :slight_smile:


but, I need this receipt to be printed through OPOS driver, not in windows driver.

This is where you’re losing me … are you making a distinction between printing to the OPOS printer and printing to that printer through the OPOS driver? Is your normal Invoice Receipt printing correctly to the right printer? Why then wouldn’t adding a second report to the print queue also produce output to the same printer?

Can you explain this constraint (print through OPOS driver and not windows driver) in greater detail? Where is the OPOS printer, what system is it connected to? Is the OPOS driver installed on that system? Is that printer visible to Navision user sessions, etc.? I don’t know enough about this constraint to be able to offer any suggestions as to how to address it.

hi George, sorry for confusing you, me too confused a little(but not the requirement) [;)] [:^)]

If the staff wanted to print this report manually, it should print throught OPOS driver and epson printer.


Where is the OPOS printer : EPSON(not opos printer) printer is connected to my computer system through USB.

what system is it connected to : EPSON Printer connected to my ‘computer system’ [co].

Is the OPOS driver installed on that system? : yes, EPSON printer already printing the normal billing receipt through OPOS driver only.

Is that printer visible to Navision user sessions? : Yes.


The requirement so simple, I thing my information confused you, sorry for that.

I created one new receipt, I am adding this receipt to end users, so that they can print it when ever they want( just like X report and z report).

Now, I can run the report and print it to the EPSON through windows driver(not OPOS driver, it was uninstalled) by setting the epson windows driver as ‘default’ in computer control panel.

What I do not know is, I installed OPOS driver again and uninstalled the windows driver. I need this report to be printer by EPSON through OPOS driver.


So, correct me if I have this wrong, but it sounds like you’re saying that you want the ink to be applied to the paper using the Epson printer directly attached to your system, but you want the computer to render the output as though it were being printed to the OPOS printer? Is that right?


It’s now fixed.

Thank you George.

Hello Abdul

Do you mind telling me how you fixed the problem? I have a similar problem in which I want to be able to print a crystal report on the receipt printer but I only have the OPOS drivers installed since I can not have both the OPOS and Windows drivers accessing the same printer interface.