United Arab Emirates 11 Posts Posted - 2004 Feb 07 : 15:06:21 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi, Could anybody advise me on a laser printer which i can use for printing Cash receipts for customers. I do not want to use the normal POS printer. Since mine is a gold industry, the environment does not allow us to use noisy printers. I have checked out the samsung 1750. It is compact. Back end reports come fine but for some reason, the POS receipt does not print. Probably it does not accept the driver. Does the printer definitely has to support OPOS drivers? Could somebody help?

Hi, Are you saying, that “standard” reports are printed on the Samsung fine, but POS receipt is not? In that case try to find out what is the difference between “Standard” report and POS receipt. The receipt can be written for a specific printer because you can open Cash drawer trough printer or you can activate cutter, validation slot etc. This is usually done by a special font. So if the POS report is trying do anything like that and was not written specifically for the Samsung then you can experience some problems. In our POS solutions we do not use OPOS drivers for printing. We print via standard windows printer. Michal