Printing in POS Printer

Hi All,

I need to make printing to a POS printer (a small printing device used to print POS receipts, etc.). Since there is no page limitation, I figured it may not be printed using c/al report designer.

If anyone knows of any resources/guides on how POS printing can be done in NAV, please let me know.

Thanks a lot.


If you have window driivers, you can use Navision reports.
If you don’t have windows driviers, then look at how e-ship does it for printing labels.

I do not think we can use report designer for such printout because it is not page-based. I have seen how landsteinar does it. it’s all codes, but i can’t understand how to start. moreover, this project also involves landsteinar.

pls advise. thx.

Take a look at CU 99008903 POS Print Utility. It has OpenPrinter. PrintLine ClosePrinter function. It uses the OPOS com object do communicate to the printer.

I have developed a customer specific POS and i am using a thermal paper roll printer, i installed the driver for it and made a receipt printout, and it works perfectly, you can setup the paper size in navision and in the noraml printer properties. so my advice is just make the receipt normally and it will work.