Which Report on which printer

Hi there,
is there a way to find out which report was printed on which printer?
I know I can track the printer that is suggested to the user, but the one he acutally selects in the print-dialog of windows … that is beyond Navisions capabilities. Any workarounds?

To the best of my knowledge, you can only do this by adding code that runs in windows and tracks it, then as an OCX to report back to Navision. It is not a nice solution though.

Well … nice or not. I would need something that would work in some way. I find it strange that it does not work. I could, however, restict the user to select a printer from Navision and don’t let him choose any other printer afterwards … Not really nice either.

I think it must be done in the OS somewhere. Imagine for example that I am permitted to print on “Laser in Accounting”, but am not permitted to print in “Color Laser in Marketing”. Well I would just go to Windows printers, and then rename my “Color Laser in Marketing” to “Laser in Accounting” and print.

Basically it will revolve in not allowing the user access to the printers. And if they have permission to the printer outside of Navision, then what ever you do they will work out a way to print on that printer if they want to.