posting problem in navision

we have navision 3.1 with navision database. since yesterday, whenever the user try to post any entry, like item journal or invoice, after some processing the system is displaying the following in the status bar : Searching ledger entry dimension table, press ctrl+break to cancel…829393(counting records).

when we close the attain, and reopen, the enteries are effected in the system, ie: it seems posting is completed and after that the control is going to that table and checkin something in that table.

whats the cause of this error and whats the solution. its urgent.

This message just tells you about a longer lasting operation in the database (searching entries based on a filter) This is in fact no error message. The number 829393 should change while searching through the database.

I would recommend:

Running a backup and after that running a database test. It might be that one of your tables is corrupt.

Anyway try to restore on a different (and new) database and retry to post on the restored database. If it works there you defintely have a problem with the database file.

You should do this AFTER all people have finished working on the DB.

As Thomas says this is NOT an error message, and during training your NSC should have explained this message to you.

Anyway, what happened yesterday, I am quite sure that things like this don’t happen by magic over night. You could look at the following sources of this problem.

1/ Its the first time you have posted journal entries with these dimensions.
2/ Someone added new dimensions to the system which is now adding load to the system.
3/ You have activated autoposting on some analysis views.
4/ You have activated automatic cost post in inventory.
5/ You made changes to the system.

I am assuming that (5) changes to the ssytem is not the issue, since for sure you would have mentioned it in you initial posting. Thus I am assuming that someone changed some data in the system.