'Another user has ...' problem in Reev. Journal

Hi All… Happy new Year ! And I will start it with a navision problem…[:D] I did a reevaluation journal with navision attain 3.01B and SQL 2000. The time i did posting, there’s no user except me. But when it start to post the first line, an error message came up with message : 'Another user has changed the blablabla… ’ . I gave up, then i backed up the database and install as a native navision database, i posted it again and it worked !! although there are 2 users in my navision database …and the code is absolutely the same. Are you guys have faced the similar problem ? What should i do to the SQL ?

hi i have faced the same problem many time. But dont know why it occurs. Harikesh

Hi Bayu. What exactly is the “blablabla” ? Which table is reported as being changed? Cristi

This is an odd SQL problem it has to do with timestamps of the records and when they are read (much to complex to try and explain). Basicly you are trying to post a record which was not the last one read. The answer is to force a database read by MYREC.FIND; Your problems will go away. Happy New Year Paul Baxter

I have faced this problem in v3.1 and I have not tested in v3.6. In our case I figured out the reasons as well. 1.If a G/L account is set to have a Global dimension value (Say project code) and value posting is set to ‘code mandatory’. 2. Now when the user enters a sales order or purchase order and say he has entered some value ‘10’ in the project code field on the invoicing tab on the Header. After filling the lines if he changes the value of the dimension through the ‘Dimensions’ option in the menu ‘Order’ and changes it from ‘10’ to ‘20’. 3. Now when he tries to post, he gets the sweet message’Another user has …’ 4. This is the result of the ‘Modify’ command in the sales and purchase post codeunits.

Did you upgrade from other versions recently? If yes, there are few things which do affect this.

Very old thread but we had this error occuring on the Purchase Lines after some shady development, MYREC.FIND; was part of the solution to fix it. Thanks Paul!