Error while posting general journal

when i try to post general journal, i am getting the following error:

Microsoft Navision Attain

The Cust. Ledger Entry already exists.

Identification fields and values:

Entry No.=‘15744630’


Maybe you deleted some entries in GL before - check maximum entry no. in GL it should be lower (at least equal) then in Customer Ledger Entry

When you post i.e payment of customer Navision creates entry in GL - it increments entry no. in GL entry each by one, and for related gl entry it creates corresponding cust. ledger entry with same entry no.

Check your cust. ledger entry as well, if you deleted something in gl and have that still in cust. ledg. entry it might cause some inconsistency, bad report etc…

Are you trying to post two customer account in one document ?

If yes then you will get this error.