error when cust ledger entry is modified

Dear experts, In the Navision 3.7 , which was upgraded from 3.10, when i run Post Application for customer entries, i face this error ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Another user has modified the record for this Cust. Ledger Entry after you retrieved it from the database. Enter your changes again in the updated window, or start the interrupted activity again. Identification fields and values: Entry No.=‘2938035’ ---------------------------------- What is the solution

Although the problem is sometimes seen in some areas of NAV 3.70, then my first question to you would still be, did you modify the system?

modify the system?? what u mean? just 3.10 database is upgraded to 3.7. thats all. Now when i try to run Post Application for customer entries i face the message. Although in 3.10 , i dont face this problem Thanks

I mean has the objects used for running the application or the tables been modified? You can see this in the Object Designer list. I ask because I’ve not heard about this error here without anyone had modified either the tables or the other objects. What’s the version of the objects (version list + date + time)?

yes been modified, as normal. But that shouldnt effect any thing right? this error coming after the data upgrade. It has to do something with upgrade codeunits in the toolkit, this is what i guess.

There is same problem i am facing when i run Adjust Cost- Item Entries processing from Inventory->Periodic activities->Adjust Cost- Item Entries . The error message given above come when the the process reaches to this code in codeunit 5804 ItemCostManagement IF LastDirectCost <> 0 THEN “Last Direct Cost” := LastDirectCost; VALIDATE(“Price/Profit Calculation”); MODIFY;----------------------------------------------error (given above) in first question of this post. Any ideas?

Ok this has been fixed, actually it is due to version conflicts, and the explaination is given in upgrade toolkit, which i missed to look at it earlier.