Picture format?

Hi, A picture is always shown messed-up in Navision. What format does a picture need to have to show is correctly in Navision? Size, resolution, colors, etc…

the file must be BMP type

Yes, but which resolution? If you import a bmp into Navision you can see it’s not formatted the same as Windows does this.

i use 96 DPI you can also try to export the original cronus image an open it to have a reference.

thing is… I opened the standard Navision Cronus logo in Photoshop. Created a copy of the picture. Saved it as 24 bit bmp, 72 pix per inch, same size. Imported it in Navision. Logo is messed-up! Why?

it is always messed up. as you only get a maximum of some sort of 200 x 100 pixels. ( if you got a picturebox with 4,5x2 cm) so it is FORCED to be messed up. but use 96 DPI. i exported a 24bit with 96 dpi using a size of 170x76 pixels. it is no artwork but it does the job.