Unable to Import Bitmap File

I am trying to import pictures to the inventory records, after the bitmap file has been imported I get the message. C/side was unable to load a Windows Resource Windows resourced may be low please close some windows and retry Even with no other programs running I get the same message! Any ideas where I am going wrong? Sean

How big was the bmp file? Try it with a tiny one and see if that works. Is your database nearly full?

BMP files created by a scanner operating in its default mode are generally very large. By reducing the dpi, the x and y dimensions, the number of colors, etc., you can create bmps that Navision will handle gracefully. For samples, export a couple of the images from CRONUS inventory items to BMP files, then use a graphics utility to see what their parameters are. Even loading these images into MS Paint and doing the same with yours would give you a feeling fore the respective sizes of the images. Dave Studebaker das@libertyforever.com Liberty Grove Software A Navision Services Partner

Take a look at the download section of this forum and look for the small program that lets you show pictures without storing these in the database (Real time JPG convertor - please be sure to download the second, improved, version). Whether you want to import BMP’s or not, do use a decent program to prepare the pictures. MS Paint is way too limited for serious work. Take a look at Paintshop Pro from www.jasc.com which has lots of features at a very reasonable price. An important feature is being able to save a picture including resolution parameters (set through Image, Resize). When Navision “knows” the resolution of the picture, it can be scaled to show correctly on screen as well as when printed out. John