Picture file in Navision (is it bmp only..?)

Dear All,
I currently want to add about thousands pictures in Navision item card, but I see that navision only captured bitmap file, how can I capture JPEG/JPG files, can Navision use it…? Tks beforehand for your answers.


Sorry, Navision can only handle Pictures with bmp Format. You will have to convert your jpeg files.

It’s interesting that navision can only handle bmp files. How to cope with thousands of bmp files in Navision…? does it means navision only used in mid size items - 100 items only and can’t handle untill 40,00.00 items…? what about nav. release 5.0…? If there are dealer or spareparts distributor, they have more than 10 branches and will not provide overhead for buying high speed and high class computers, how can they use Navision…? If Navision is still out of concern to this problem, this time bomb will explode…



Well, I don’t really see a problem there. Most companies, that I know, use a different application to do their product catalogue. If you want to use the Navision Information to maintain a Web Site (e.g. Web store), then it’s not too hard to maintain your pictures in a separate Database, and then link the Navision Information with the pictures.

I am not really sure then, I mean if the companies don’t want another application except navision, isn’t it a problem…? It’s more complicated if use different application. In Industrial engineering there is a work method and in work method, we must always minimize waste effort by using a good work method. Make it more simple and clear. Aren’t there any other ways…?



What are the pictures used for ?

You can write a picture converter to import jpegs, I have seen this done, but of course I am not a programmer [:D]


You can use practically any convertion programm and convert jpeg to bmp on fly. User will not notice anything. Also you can resize (zoom) pictures on screen or report the same way. Some programms you do not need even install. We keep converter inside of Navision database and if system need to convert picture it will upload it from database to the computer that running Navision.

We working with jewelry companies and average number of items more than 100K. Pictures work fine.


Tks a lot for your answer. I will try to ask in the developer forum. anyway, do you think there are another solution beside write a picture converter? if there aren’t, this question then solved but in developer begin



Hi, I don’t think you will get more answers if you cross post this topic in the developper forum. Maybe ask one of the Moderators / Administrators to move it there?

You do not need to write converter. You can take any existing one. One that we use is available on www.mibuso.com . And you can see example of code. You will need to write only 10-20 lines of code.

Tks for your answer but I would not to use a converter from jpeg to bmp. I need the vice versa, how to make Navision can import picture in JPEG file, Is Navision only able to import bmp file ??




Tks a lot for your answer then. I will check there (in the website). It means that I can download from the web.



Navision is able to hold any type of file\object into a BLOB (Binary Large Object)
field. It isn’t restricted to any specific file type (eg. bmp)

You can have a look at form 6220, part of the Commerce Portal solution.

This uses an external control to show gif or jpeg files stored as blobs in NAV.

It looks pretty much the same as the form that shows the item picture.

Off course you cannot use them on reports, but since we are moving to SQL reporting services that problem will soon be solved.

Dear All,

I am interesting to this topic, but what Marq said that it exists in the commercial portal. I don’t still understand yet, if I can import the picture into item card.



Ever wish you could save Jpegs in Navision…


Saving pictures was really driving up our database so I keep them on a seperate Drive and they get imported for viewing when needed without saving it in the database. All pics are saved on a drive Labeled “P:” (for pictures :slight_smile: ) and in a folder called BMP. All pictures are named for it’s item #…So

ON My Item Picture Form


IF EXISTS (‘P:\BMP’+“No.”+’.BMP’)

That’s it! No importing of pictures needed. All I do when I have a new pic is put it in p:\bmp and it appears when you view the item picture.

I have also added a field called Picture2 to the item table - type blob for importing Jpg’s pictures.

I use crystal reports to pull these pics and show them in a catalog. Crystal gets overloaded after a few 100 pics in BMP size - the JPG works great.

The last thing I did was create 1 report that “depending on what checkbox I pic”

Called “Total Picture Control” it can

import all pictures1 (BMP), import all pictures2 (JPG)

export all pictures 1 (BMP), export all pictures 2 (JPG)

delete all pictures 1 (BMP), delele all pictures 2 (JPG)

Makes life a little easier

I Also created a sperate item card that is shown on our warehouse computers.

It has a pic of the item on the right and all the important item info the warehouse people need on the left…Item#, upc, location, qty, description - I added a picture box on the right side & used the same code. Source exp: picture

Note: it’s instantaneous that the pic appears.

Thanks for the info, this is a really good solution, I think I will set the same thing up for us.

Although I don’t have application designer, and hence can not access cal/code in forms, so I will need to pay our NSC to do the same thing, I least I will have a good idea of what is invovled.

I guess you could create your own item picture form - the same as navision has & put your own command button on the item card to pop it up.

Another benefit of having the pitcures out of navision & in a folder is:

if the pic is too big for the form I can use pixrisezer http://bluefive.pair.com/pixresizer.htm to fix the size of one or all in a few clicks.