Form design using BLOB

I´m trying to understand how to use BLOB´s while designing our forms for Navision. I want to use our company logo and other stuff as bigger bmp files than 37 kb because they look terrible in 256 colours. For the moment I can´t figure out how to do this, I´ve read the help instructions but that didn´t help me to much… Is there any good documentation about this or any easy way to solve it? [?] Best Regards Kaj T

there are two types of controls: oane is a picture box and the other i dont remember [;)] well: one shows an image that has a size of up to 32KB i guess (including filename). the other one (the one with the wavey lines [:p] on the icon on the toolbox) has a source expression. use for example your picture in the company information. (CompanyInfo.Picture) but dont forget to call CompanyInfo.CALCFIELDS(Picture) so that navision loads the image from the BLOB in the table into your picturebox (or whatever that control is called).

… and if you need concrete examples, have a look at any of the “Picture” forms in the standard app, e.g. F346, F407 or F1. In fact, the standard objects are the best way to figure out, how things should be done… Saludos Nils