PCL5e Navison to HP-printer

I have used a fairly old DOS program (EASY FORM) to create overlay forms for download to printers and printing of different reports like invoices from Financial. Using the correct HP driver for HP Laserjet 4000 it does NOT respond to the correct PCL macro execute command send from the FIN report (build by binary codes into a string in top of the form). A Prinserter driver does the job, but then some of the HP features disappear (like tray selection). Any hints? Edited by - jullarsen on 5/30/00 10:46:01 PM

How do you avoid the PCL-code being tranformed into Graphics - or do you use a text-driver? The reason im asking is that i have being experiment with pcl from fin report to at printer, and cannot get it to work, not even through a generic driver.

LaserNet is a complete system for electronic design, print, and maintenance of forms. The software is installed with Windows NT or Windows 2000. Among other things, LaserNet has the unique feature that you may distribute your print on a network or send it as a mail or a fax. You may also store your documents in an electronic archive. In general, you shall make no changes in the data stream from your present EDP system, as LaserNet in an intelligent way can handle even advanced functionalities such as calculations, change of pages, ODBC, Java-script, etc. LaserNet Print Can be delivered with LaserNet Design that is a special design and set-up program (WYSIWYG), in which the print is designed and programmed. The print/reports are redesigned, and then you can change fonts, move data, insert logos, and much more. Besides, the system may be set-up to distribute the forms to different printers on the network, and you can freely control the use of the paper trays on the printers.

When writing to a label printer for amtrack integration I wrote directly to the lpt1 port. As in file.OPEN(‘LPT1’); file.WRITE(textvar); file.close; I was able to send control chars to print bar codes etc, you could do the same thing. One thing I found interesting is that running it through a citrix server the output was routed to the local printer of the client. No printer drivers are required as you are writting directly to the port. Paul Baxter