escape code and report

Hello I will select a form who is stored in a printer laser hp 8150 What for a variable ( textbox, label) can y use to store my escape code to do that. When y print a report the escape code is printed but he is not select the form. has anybody do that. Sorry for my englich. Thancks for your help Didier

Take a look at the types CHAR and BINARY.

I dont think its possible. Navision prints the reports using Windows printing capabilities and drivers, e.g. it doesnt send any “escape” sequences to the printer itself. If you badly need to use this you should maybe program a codeunit which writes a text file with the data you need to print plus “escape” codes inside the file and the “copy” your file to the printer. This way you’ll have full control over the printer “escape” codes. Another way is when printing the report to put a code into the appropriate trigger inside the report to send the escape code by “copying” a little text file containing the escape sequence to the printer. Best regards, Nikola Nyagolov

Thank you for your help But how can y cpy this file to the printer?

You can open a lpt: as a file and write to it, we do it all the time for bar code printers. But what is even more cool is that citrix will redirect it to the local computers lpt: even over a wan. Paul Baxter

When you have plain paper in one tray and pre-printed paper (forms) in another tray in the printer, then specify which tray to use with the property PaperSourceFirstPage in the report. John

I have just recently implemented a solution for Customs Forms for a HP Laser Printer. Euroform ( have a tool, that will generate a font, that you will select in the report - wich then will send the escape chars to the printer. This solution can be used, if you only have a few users. They also have annother solution that will do the trick. //Henrik Helgesen -: KISS::Keep it Simple, Stupid :-