PDF "Pre-Printed" form overlays

Is anyone using one of the PDF driver routines to print to electronic “pre-printed” forms? One of our clients wants to eliminated their paper invoices and print all invoices electronically to PDF files, then email them. They would like to just scan in a blank copy of the current pre-printed paper invoice form, then overlay that on each invoice that is generated into a PDF file. I have found several products that allow something like this one invoice at a time, but none that for sure allow the overlaying function to occur in a volume print batch.

Hi David, Have you tried PDF Mailer, its awesome and does what you are trying to do. Go to www.pdfmailer.com for more details. thanks Best regards Suresh New York.

Thanks Suresh. I’ll check it out.

Hi David, Just another option. try to look under solutions, there is a short description of LaserNet overlay, which solves your client needs.