Overdelivery Error

Hi All

I am getting the overdelivery error while posting the Purchase order. I am not getting why this error is coming as the delivery is what i order. I am not using the over/under delivey.

Can you explain me why it is coming reason of this error.


Have you received anything previously?

no just after creating the packing slip i am invoicing the PO then i got this error.

Can you post a picture of the message? Can you post a picture of the the packing slips with quantities and the quantity on the line of the PO?

Are you invoicing based upon the packing slip parameter?

1.Error message

3515.gbs_PO_msg.bmp (1.31 MB)

Purchase order: PO-3646

Item number: 100100103001

Overdelivery of line is 100.00 percent, but the allowed overdelivery is only 0 percent.

Item number: 100100103001

Update has been canceled.

2.Purchase line quantity

1581.gbs_PO_lineQty.bmp (2.03 MB)

3.Packing Slip journal

5008.GBS_GRN.bmp (1.04 MB)

here r the screen shots you required. For Invoicing in the parameter if i am taking acking slip it show blank lines and if i select all lines are there and giving the overdelivery error.


8272.gbs_PO_GRN.bmp (1.32 MB)

You have to invoice on packing slip and the system will default the packing slip. If there are no lines you need to find out why.