Purchase Order error

Hi All

i created the purchase order, and receive the PO partially three time and invoice the PO on Picking List Basis. Now when i create the picking list to the last shipment and when invoicing it, it is showing the overdelivery error. Here i check the Packing slip quantity and the invoice quantity is same as on the PO. Why this error is coming, as i dont have the overdelivery.

Please advise me, Thanks

Hi Imran,

Is the PO a returned order or with negative lines?

In normal PO, we don’t follow picking process.


Hi Imran,

As pranav said we don’t fallow Pick process in PO.

Coming to your error, you said your doing same PO (partial quantity) … Did you mentioned Receive now quantity in Quantity (tab) of PO. when you selected Posting Packing slip (Posting>packing slip) which quantity you’ve selected in Quantity field? Selected Receive now or Packing slip? As your doing partial quantity, you need to select Receive now in the Quantity drop down box. and check the lines (tab) that the quantity which you have mentioned in PO is selected or have any different quantity.


While posting the Picking list and Packing list, under line tab we are changing the quantity in update column then posting. Selecting ALL in quantity tab.


Hi Imran,

First of all, you please let me know one thing, are you doing PO or SO ? If your doing PO, then there won’t be Picking list. Picking process will come in SO.

Coming to your issue, Yes you can select the quantity even at Posting packing slip also at lines (tab) and quantity will be ALL as you said… when you print it, it will show you Actual ordered quantity, received quantity and remaining quantity… When you do Invoice posting … select the Packing slip in the option in the Quantity then it will select the quantity which you have opted in the packing slip posting form.


Dear Imran

i think pranav is right . if you make returned Qty on PO you must increase these PO by the same Qty.