Error while updating sales order

Hi All

While confirming the sales order following error occur:

“Overdelivery of line is 100.00 percent, but the allowed overdelivery is only 0 percent.”

Can tell me why this happens…



It looks ‘accept over delivery’ parameter under Accounts Receivable (Sales ledger) > Setup > Parameters > Updates tab > General group

And look in the ‘overdelivery’ field in item card under References tab. Here you can specify % of over-delivery acceptable for purchase and sales. Hope this helps.


i have check marked but i same problem exist

and when i seeing the transaction of that item its showing picked


That alone will not help.

If you want to allow 100% over-delivery, then you have to mention this in the item card as well. If this is not clear, go to Item form and press F1 for help.

ok, thanks alot for giving me your precious time


i hve check marked the over dilevery and the under delivery in setup and in the item master also i make it 100% but still when i confirming the same error shows i had also go through the help file it not works.Please help me i facing the big problem as many time i am facing it.

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wht ha ha need not to laugh,you have the solution…


When it is on the item card it is copied to the sales line - check the setting on the sales line.