Outlook Calendar

Is there anyway to call Outlook, the Calendar in Outlook or the New Appointment Form in Outlook from Navision? There is the automatic dialing integration, email integration, URL integration, there is even a MapPoint integration. I know CRM will flow info down to the Exchange Server, but you need to have that piece of the puzzle, and I’m looking for a solution before we need to bite that bullet. Thoughts?

I know I can use the URL outlook:Calendar to launch the Calendar in Outlook…any other thoughts?

Have a look at Automation variables within your code, you’ll be able to choose Microsoft Outlook 10.0 Object Library as automation server and then the differente classes… you’ll need the Application and AppointmentItem class to create and display new appointments… I’ll attach some line of sample code, hope it helps you give you some idea: olAppoint := olApp.CreateItem(1); olAppoint.Subject := _Appointment.Text; olAppoint.Categories := _Appointment.Category; DatumText := FORMAT(_Appointment.Date); ZeitText := FORMAT(_Appointment."From Time"); DateTime.SetStart(olAppoint,DatumText,ZeitText); olAppoint.Duration := _Appointment."Duration (hrs)" * 60; //olAppoint.ReminderMinutesBeforeStart //olAppoint.ReminderSet olAppoint.Display; //olTask.Save; CLEAR(olAppoint); Let me know if you want some sample objects…[;)] Saludos Nils

I give you the whole story, so you can see what I am trying to accomplish. We have Service Dept. and we schedule technicians to do the work. We have just started to use the multi-shared calendar view in Outlook 2003 so we can see and schedule all of tech’s at once. When we create and assign a Service Order we have to go into Outlook to log it into the technicians Calendar . Eventually we will use CRM to flow to details from Navision to Exchange/Outlook. I need to find a way to either, a) simply launch Outlook: Calendar with the multi-calendar view open from Navision and/or b) launch the appointment form in Outlook for the correct tech from Navision. (ideally I’d like to pass details to the appointment form as well, but…) Any ideas?

Actually this is what my code example does… create an Outlook appointment based on the information you sent from Navision… you’ll have to take into consideration the olAppoint.Organizer if you want to create the appointment for another person… definitly you’ll have to use outlook automation… Saludos Nils