outlook automation : appointment item

Hi I am trying to create appointments in folders form Navision using outllok atuomation as follows: CREATE(oApp); oNS := oApp.GetNamespace(‘mapi’); oRecipient := oNS.CreateRecipient(Recipient); oFolder := oNS.GetSharedDefaultFolder(oRecipient,9); //9 is constant for Outlook.OlDefaultCalendar.olFolderCalendar oAppt := oFolder.Items.Add(1); //1 is constant for Outlook.OlItemType.olAppointmentItem oAppt.Subject := Subject; oAppt.Location := Location; StartTime := CREATEDATETIME(Start,Time); oAppt.Start := StartTime; oAppt.Duration := (Duration/60000); oAppt.ReminderSet := TRUE; oAppt.ReminderMinutesBeforeStart := 15; oAppt.BusyStatus(2); //2 is constant for Outlook.OlBusyStatus.olBusy oAppt.IsOnlineMeeting := FALSE; oAppt.Save; CLEAR(oAppt); The problem I am having is with the line oAppt.Start := StartTime; The microsoft help pages say that the start property takes a datetime and I am passing a datetime but when I compile the code I get a type conversion message saying that the start property is expecting a date only. Has anyone else had this problem? I spoke to another developer who said that the datetime type is a recent addition to Navision so maybe Navaion doesn’t recognise the datetime type required. Any thoughts would be appriciated. Debbie

Maybe You should loook for some old download at mibuso.com. If i’m right there’s sometning about Outlook and dates there. Maybe this one will help http://www.mibuso.com/dlinfo.asp?FileID=158


could you solve your problem at last?. I need to create an automatically appointment and tried with your code but I’m not sure about datatypes of oApp, oAppt, oRecipient, etc… I got a few datatype errors, could you tell me the variable’s datatypes?

Thanks [:P]