Outlook Calendar

Hi ALL, I have a question for who of you that use the Outlook integration feature. 1 - Is it possible to import meetings from the outlook calendar for all the salesperson with the Outlook Synchronization enabled at once? I mean… also for who that’s not currently logged in. (Navision for them export everything very well… but, before importing, it checcks who’s the salesperson logged in and synchronize only for him. 2 - Is it possible to create to-dos of type meeting with two or more Organizers? I would like that Navision synchronizes the to-dos with all the attendees’ outlook calendar at once, also if them are only normal attendees. I mean that I don’t want to send any invitation nor to receive confirmation. I would like that Navision edits directly their calendar. Please… HELP ME… I’m a sort of Navision Newbie and I’m stuck with this. Thanks in advance Bye HAI