Outlook Integration

Nav Experts,

We currently have a requirement from a client who wants a piece of functionality writting which would poll a users inbox and write interation log entries in Navision.

Has anybody had any experience polling the outlook inbox?

I’m sure it can be done, what were trying to establish is how easy is it?


Look at this link. It is in javascript, however you might be able to use the functionality in Navision.

http://www.winscripter.com/WSH/MSOffice/90.aspx he essential lines of code are:/* Create the Outlook Object and Appointment Item */
out = new ActiveXObject( “Outlook.Application” );

/* Create an Appointment Item /
appt = out.CreateItem( olAppointmentItem ); /
Transfer the data */
appt.Subject = obj.Subject;
appt.Location = obj.Location;
appt.Start = obj.Start;
appt.ReminderMinutesBeforeStart = obj.ReminderMinutesBeforeStart;The rest is just display and javascript functions.

More info on creating outlook objects.