On-Line Approval Process

As anyone seen or is it possible to have On-line approval process for purchase orders. My version of Navision is v2.5 (US). I am thinking it would be more efficient if our purchase orders would be appoved on-line instead of our purchasing agents walking around the building obtaining required signatures. Rob

If you are talking about Navision Financials Windows-based version 2.5 then: I think your requirement can be met by simple customization if you have access to Form/Report Designers. You can use “User ID” as signature for Approval with little customization, but if you wish to use scanned images as signature, it may require a bit more customization. Does your requirement include access to specific portions depending on User/Stage(Under workflow)/Authority? Hope this helps.

I’ve seen approval being only one person can post the P.O. (no custom using Navision Security) up to multi-level approvals, including E-Mail, based on $ (much more custom). It all depends on how flexible you want the rules to be…It sounds like you have a process already and just programming your existing rules into Navision makes things easier for everyone. Check with your NSC to see if they have already done something like this that they can demo for you.