Navision Approvals for Dummies

I set up Approvals in a test Navision 5.0 SP 1 base.

I can Approve Sales Orders and Purchase Orders and Cancel Approvals and I get auto email going around.

Problem I’m having is on existing Orders that are Open we can’t Release them because it says “This document can only be approved when the approvals process is complete”. The only way to release these existing orders is to Send for Approval and get them approved.

Is this Approvals an All or Nothing thing where all existing orders need approval??

What I want is to only have certain orders needing approval. Not all orders.

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Yes, Approvals are for all or nothing kind of thing…

What do you mean by certain orders, is there any condition except amount? then you can customize it

Not an approvals expert, but I did not think approvals are not all or nothing. You should be able to only setup certain users to require approval (like a junior salesperson).

I thought they are done based on the amount of the document and can be customized for pretty much anything. In the User Setup table there are columns for the threshold amount that needs to be approved or you can setup unlimited approval.

Were basically wanting to use this for 0 dollar sales orders where were sending customers free parts. We don’t want these released without approval.

Doesn’t happen often. Maybe we should do this another method??

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Does anyone have the CRONUS - Navision Approval templates?? Supposedly their in CRONUS and our CRONUS database has been wiped out a while ago.

Version 5.0 SP1.




You need to customize the approval functionality for this. Standard will only allow you to differentiate with value. But you are free to amend the code , or your partner.



Thanks Gabor.